We Hit 5 Awesome Hot Springs in Canada

Do we look relaxed? Because we just spent a week exploring the hot springs of British Columbia, a trip that included five long soaks, 500 miles in a Class C RV, gobs of eye-dropping views and one surprising conclusion: It is possible to overdo it on the hot springs circuit. Here’s how to pace yourself.


Come Hungry

Don’t dip your toe in the hot springs after a big meal. The experience is all about slowing down and speeding up your blood flow, so adding digestion to the picture complicates the healthy effects. It’s much better to have a meal, post soak. We loved lunch at Kingfisher, the impressive restaurant at Halcyon Hot Springs Resort.

Halcyon Hot Springs Resort
The cold plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs Resort was an eye-opener.

Get Hot, Then Plunge

Again, the idea is to get the blood pumping while chilling in those mineral infused waters coming from deep in the earth. We follow a routine prescribed by those in the know at the awesome Scandinave Spa near Whistler: 20 minutes in the hot pool, followed by a cold plunge, followed by a break in the warm pool or, as we saw many doing, a snooze in the lounge chair.

Drink Lots of Water

Bring a bottle of cold H20 with you to sip at a steady pace, pool side. It’s essential. We add a packet of Emergen-C to boost the healthy effects. We actually witnessed at least one person who didn’t hydrate practically pass out after too much time soaking and not enough water. Be safe out there!

Be Prepared to Chat

One of the best parts of visiting hot springs is that you meet all sorts of interesting people from around the world. We heard intriguing restaurant recommendations, tips for avoiding traffic and suggestions about off-the-grid hot springs to discover. The group dynamic was also fun when the fearless cold plungers took the frigid challenge. Everyone cheered.

Relaxing in the waters of Fairmont Hot Springs, near Invermere, B.C.

Chill Out Afterwards

We had to jump in our big rig and drive to a destination a couple of times, and the stress of being on the road wiped out the good we did in the pool. If possible, stay put and mellow out in place. Fairmont Hot Springs’ nearby RV campground made that mission possible.

More hot springs intel coming soon.