Cool Winter Destination: Warming Up in Desert Hot Springs

She says: Johnny is a pretty good sport about letting me indulge in my hedonistic habits. I didn’t have to try too hard to talk him into making a stop in Desert Hot Springs after a chilly night camping in Joshua Tree National Park.

OGT hot springs main pool
The grounds are really pretty at Sam’s. Photo by Leslie Kelly

Hot bed for hot springs

There are more than 30 spas in this teeny town north of Palm Springs, including one started by famous gangster, Al Capone. After talking with an extremely helpful person at the Palm Springs Visitors Center, I zeroed in on what I think is the very best hot spring spa… in an RV park! Sam’s Family Spa Hot Water Resort is the only place in the area that doesn’t add chlorine to its pools, which are heated by three underground wells. (It’s grandfathered in before the health department required the addition of the chemical.) The pools at Sam’s are drained daily, so they’re crystal clear and don’t have that funky smell you can sometimes run into at hot springs.

The vibe is totally Old School, with bare-bones dressing rooms and you’ll need to BYOT (bring your own towels). But that’s OK because it’s pretty cheap. Admission on weekdays is just $14, or deeply discounted if you’re staying in the motel or at the RV park.

OGT hot springs cold plunge
Be brave and take hit the cold plunge! Photo by Leslie Kelly

Timing Was Just Right

On a weekday morning in December, we practically had the whole place to ourselves and the soak did the trick of warming us right up. I love the time-honored tradition of hopping back and forth between the hot pools and the cold plunge. I also really enjoyed the friendly energy of Sam’s. There was a group of about 10 friends sitting in a nearby pool catching up on news and trading gossip. So very Euro!

I’ve been to a whole lot of hot springs over the years and Sam’s is right up there with Nakusp in British Columbia, and Glenwood Springs in Colorado. I’d definitely recommend a visit if you’re in the area for a trip to Joshua Tree National Park, or to unwind after an action-packed weekend at Coachella in April.

OTG sams family spa
Photo via Sam’s Family Spa on Facebook