Some of Our Fave Photos from Maui

We’re still feeling the aloha vibe, weeks later. Already talking about the next trip. That’s because Hawai’i is totally addictive. That’s not a bad thing.

Here are a few of our most memorable moments. Aloha!


1. The Road to Hana

The famously winding roads were extra thrilling in our VW camper van rental. Once we arrived, we did not want to leave this special place.


2. Tropical Fruit Stands

They’re everywhere! Some are unattended, with a cash box to leave payment. This stand featured mountain apples, which were compared to a pear. Small, tart, crunchy good.


3. Sasquatch Catches Some Sun

Our sorta silly mascot loved riding in the 1975 VW camper.


4. Hawaiian Rainbows

The islands are famous for ’em, especially on the rainy side.


5. Stunning Sunsets

This vibrant pic doesn’t truly even capture how amazing this day ender was, but it’s PRETTY close.


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