Van Life: Looking for the Right Rig

Maybe you’ve purchased a house. More likely, you’ve bought a car or three. Fun and exciting, but also pretty stressful, right? Imagine shopping for a vehicle that’s going to double as home. It’s essential to find the perfect fit. The process can feel intimidating. Here’s how to.

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Research, Research, Research

We’ve been reading articles and talking to experts, studying the vans and RVs we see. We’ve done deep dives into online sales sites like RV Trader, swiping right on the photos that show features, lavish and sometimes spare. Trying to imagine what it would be like to cook or read or sleep in the snug space. But nothing beats…

The Test Drive

After renting various vehicles since we began to get a sense of what we want: Something that handles well, gets decent gas mileage and offers some creature comforts. We can’t really afford anything over the top and we aren’t the DIY types who could convert a cargo van. Or could we do something that meets in the middle?


Considering the Ford Transit

This van has become a favorite to transform, and Leslie’s friend, Bryan, did just that a few months ago before taking a long road trip around the holidays. He took a minimalist approach, building a wooden platform for a mattress, adding rails with hooks, draping a shower curtain between the front cab and the back. No frills, but so functional. Especially the bed, because the Transit is wide enough to stretch out sideways, leaving lots more space up front. And it drove like a car, quick to respond, on the steering and brakes. The backup camera might take some getting used to, but it sure beats having a passenger jump out to act as a guide while trying to maneuver in tight spots. The Transit has just joined our list of possible purchases.

Coming Up Next, A Big Twist

We’re heading a whole new direction next week with a three-day journey pulling an Airstream Basecamp, a newish model that was designed for the active traveler. Can’t wait!

AIRMKT Basecamp Lifestyle PRINT 16_04_28_airstream_8238


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