Going Big: We’re Trying a Class C RV

For a tour of Canada’s Kootenay Rockies region, we’re supersizing things.

As we travel from Revelstoke to Nelson to Golden, we’re going big in a Class C RV from CanaDream of Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s our first attempt at driving a big RV.

No surprises here — this thing is a beast. It’s powered by a Ford F-450 engine and at first it felt huge. Ginormous in fact, hard to maneuver, all the things we’ve tried to avoid as we get into #vanlife.

On the plus side, it is undeniably comfortable. It has a full kitchen, a large sitting area and an absolutely huge bed. It feels like a one-bedroom apartment on wheels.

And let’s not forget it has a full bathroom with a shower, toilet and sink. All nice things, until you have to deal with the inevitable black-water “sani-dump.”

It’s a trade-off. Comfort vs. driveability. For this trip, we’re trying out comfort.


An F-450 engine powers this beast.
The Upper Arrow Lake Ferry in the Western Kootenays — a gorgeous journey.
Pizza, made in the full kitchen of the CanaDream Class C RV.





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