Gear Review: Love the Coleman Stove

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When it comes to outdoor cooking, you want something that’s easy to use and store. For many years, we’ve been devoted to the Jet Boil for its light weight and ability to heat up quickly, but on a recent trip, we were mighty impressed with the updated version of the classic Coleman Stove.


It’s About the Size of a Briefcase

Growing up, our family used Coleman stoves, and while they worked well, they were bulky and heavy. The newest model weighs just 10 pounds and fits neatly under a seat or in the trunk. It was included as part of the thoughtful perks that came along with renting a Westy from Peace Vans in Seattle. (Thanks, guys!)


Compact, yet Powerful

This two-burner propane-fueled model throws out 20,000 BTUs, 10K per burner. Which is hella hot. We used it to cook sausages and fry potatoes and dinner was ready in 20 minutes. It was a little trickier to dial down the heat to scramble eggs, but we figured it out.

Wind Shield’s Are Cool

It wasn’t breezy enough to blow out the flame the days and nights we cooked outside on the Coleman Stove, but we still appreciated the aluminum shields that pop easily into place to keep the fire going.


The Price is Right

Our beloved Jet Boil costs about $100 and is really best for heating up water in a hurry. (Does somebody NEED that morning cup of coffee? YES!) The Coleman retails for around $70, and has double the cooking space. It’s not going to make it into the backpack for an overnight hike, but it certainly makes cooking at a campground or at a picnic a lot easier.



One thought on “Gear Review: Love the Coleman Stove

  1. The classic Coleman has always been the coolest. The Jetboil is fantastic if you’re looking to shave ounces on a backpacking trip. But for car camping, nothing beats the Coleman.

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