Van Life: Our Fave Instagramers

They’re inspiring, mesmerizing, completely addictive, even educational. They’re Instagrammers living the Van Life. Hashtag: #homeiswhereyouparkit. Their numbers are vast, but here are just a few we feverishly follow.

1. project.vanlife

Curious about this ever-growing movement? This is a perfect place to start. Featuring so many enthusiasts embracing this mobile lifestyle, this collection of cool photos might get you moving in that direction, saying: Yes, I think I could do it!
project vanlife on insta

2. vanlifediaries

Awww, the folks who faithfully post here call describe themselves as a community dedicated to “love in motion.” They cherry pick pix from fellow van lifers who say “pick me!” by using the hashtag #vanlifediaries. Love the insider views showcasing the clever interiors and beautiful places people park their rigs.
van life diaries on insta

3. vintage_volks

Can we just have a group hug with everybody who is charged up about the retro VW van movement? It kinda started the whole lifestyle, way back when, didn’t it. Others have followed but these beauties are still the best, right?

van life insta 1

4. UnitedWeVan

The mission is noble, promoting intrepid travelers who are determined to make the world a better place through conservation efforts. We’re so on board with those efforts.

united we van on insta

5. 2girlsonevan

Plus, a kitty! This couple from the Northwest has 4,200+ followers, who, if they’re like us, appreciate the honesty behind the posts. It’s not always a picnic, especially when there’s an unexpected snowstorm. Thanks for sharing!


6. we_who_roam

Bec and Gary are wandering far and wide in Tasmania, which looks wild and lovely. Their home on wheels looks gorgeous, especially the kitchen shots.

we who roam on insta

7. d_bus_life

Talk about a sick travelogue. Where Pat and Cat go, we really wanna follow. Right now, they’re motoring along the TransAmerican highway, making good use of a droid to capture some stunning images.
d_bus_life on Insta

8. livingyourbestvanlife

Offering daily doses of “vanspiration”, this roundup of Insta-vanners from around the planet is another awesome place to tap into the vast community of like-minded adventure seekers. Those pics are likely to cause serious FOMO!
living your best vanlife on insta

Have some Instagrammers you think are essential to follow? Please share your picks in the comments!


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