How to Build a Raging Campfire

She says: When you’re hanging outside, a campfire is everything. It’s entertaining, and warm, of course. You can cook on it, searing steaks and turning marshmallows gooey. Stare into it and think deep thoughts.

It takes skill, patience and practice — and lots kindling — to make an awesome fire. Here’s some tips from Johnny.



A hatchet is key for cutting logs into drumstick size kindling. Crumple newspaper and form a pyramid of kindling around them. Add fire starters around that pyramid, if you’ve got them.

Light That Fire

Once the flames get going, don’t think the work’s done. When the kindling phase of this project is burning hot, it’s time to add the larger logs, one at a time. If those pieces don’t take off, add more newspaper. Johnny tears off strips of paper, laying them on top of the fire.

Essential Tool

A pair of extra long kitchen tongs are really helpful in moving pieces of wood around. It’s important to create airflow. The more oxygen moving through, the bigger the flames. Careful, though! Cuz, you know… it’s fire!

Here’s a quickie Instagram story, shot on our recent trip to the Olympic Pennisula:


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