3 Cool Tips for Teeny Kitchen Cooking

van life, grilling, cooking outside

She says: I’m now obsessed with looking at photos of people living the van life. (Considering we’re strongly thinking about heading down that road.) But one scene I rarely see if some real cooking happening in the carefully curated, Insta-worthy scenes.


That’s probably because it’s HARD. Here are a few ways I tried to make it work in some super small spaces.

Take it Outside

Of course, it’s nice to have the option of scrambling eggs or simmering a big batch of chili inside on a drizzly day, but when it’s sunny, there’s nothing better than cooking out. Am I right? As much as I love the char that comes from searing meat on a fire, I’m a recent convert to the camp stove. They’re lightweight, heat up quickly and cook in a flash. Also! Invest in a grill pan. I absolutely love mine from my friends at Lodge Cast Iron, pictured below.

Lodge cast iron, grilling, outdoor cooking
Invest in a Lodge Cast Iron grill pan.

Get Extra Organized

On our recent adventure in the Peace Van, I was so impressed with how the crew had tucked all the essential cooking tools into bins. Need a spatula in a hurry? There are only two place it could be. It made me feel more efficient, and isn’t the smaller footprint what this whole Van Life movement is about? Keeping it simple.

vanlife, cooking, food
Plastic bins help keep everything organized.

Big Flavors, Small Containers

I’m forever searching for the best seasonings and condiments as a way to elevate other ingredients. New discoveries include Mike’s Hot Honey, Dank Sauce and San Juan Islands Salt and Pepper grinder. It’s so much fun to try them on my road food menu. That smoky/spicy Dank Sauce is now my go-to finish for fresh oysters, and the fiery honey warms up my post-dinner chamomile tea. Go get you some!

giphy (4)

What’s your favorite meal to cook outside? Please let us know in the comments.



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