Considering Van Life


She says: Everywhere I go now, I see vans. Class B recreational vehicles. Our potential future home on wheels. It’s thrilling and kinda terrifying.

The Road Not Yet Taken

I’m not exactly sure how we got to this place, strongly considering buying a van and hitting the road for at least a year. I think the seed was planted when we went to a recent event celebrating the Peace Van fleet in Seattle. We started to see the exciting possibilities of exploring the country, especially the National Parks. We’re not exactly “retired”, but as freelancers, we’re also not tethered to a traditional office job, so…


The Long To-Do List

Before becoming part of the Van Life world, there are a daunting number of hurdles to clear, starting with what type of vehicle would we choose? Are we going to go for a minimalist approach, or build in some creature comforts because living in a van is challenging, right? We’re both doing a lot of searching and researching right now, and would love any suggestions/advice. Until then, I’m sure I’ll continue to see vans everywhere!




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