Why We Love Skiing in B.C.

A seven-day trip to British Columbia is great any time of year, but when you throw in skiing, it’s pretty special.

SkiZer cranked out turns at four fantastic and very different resorts: Red Mountain, Big White, Silver Star and Whistler Blackcomb. The Great White North is hard to beat for powder and vertical.

Red Mountain

Old lifts, old lodge and same old great mountain. This resort has some unbeleivably rugged terrain that speaks to the SkiZer’s sense of aesthetics.

Best runs: The steep tree-skiing on Granite Mountain, including Beer Belly, Capt. Jack’s Trees and Booty’s.

Big White

“Canada’s Favourite Family Resort” is their slogan. Indeed, this is a great place for young skiers and old skiers who like to cruise.

That said, you’ll find some challenging powder skiing in the trees, some steeps on the aptly named Cliff Chair, and some long drops off of Gem Lake.

Best runs: The trees off of the Powder Chair.

Silver Star

Oh Silver Star, you have a lot going for you. On the surface, you seem like another Big White, with lots of cruising on the front side. But your back side, with double-diamond drops everywhere, elevates you considerably.

Silver Star also has Canada’s best and biggest Nordic trails system and a cute-as-a-button village to recommend it.

Best runs: The big drops off of the back side’s Powder Gulch Express.

Whistler Blackcomb

SkiZer has a love-hate thing going with Whistler. First the hate: This village is an over-the-top ode to conspicuous consumption. It’s a playground for rich people who kind of like to ski.

But oh, the skiing. With more than 8,000 acres of amazing terrain (and more than 5,000 feet of vertical), SkiZer was blown away by the mountains. Now if we could just get this village thing under control.

Best runs: The alpine zone at Whistler Blackcomb is amazing. Blackcomb Glacier, the runs off of Seventh Heaven Express, Harmony Express and Peak Chair were inspiring and challenging.

Days 14 and 15: Red Mountain

  • Vertical: 40,000 feet
  • Vertical for the season: 222,000 feet

Day 16: Big White

  • Vertical: 24,000 feet
  • Vertical for the season: 246,000 feet

Days 17 and 18: Silver Star

  • Vertical: 48,000 feet
  • Vertical for the season: 294,000 feet

Day 19: Whistler

  • Vertical: 38,000 feet
  • Vertical for the season: 332,000 feet
Cruising the back side at Red Mountain.
Powder in the trees at Big White.
Powder Gulch Express on the back side of Silver Star.
Skiing the trees off the Powder Gulch Express at Silver Star.
The village at Silver Star.
Riding the alpine zone on the Glacier Express lift at Whistler Blackcomb.




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