Get Your Ski Legs in Seven Days

Seven days, seven mountain experiences.

SkiZer just spent a week skiing, hitting the slopes at Snoqualmie Pass, Schweitzer Mountain, Mt. Spokane, Lookout Pass and Silver Mountain. It was fun to stack up seven days straight — and interesting to see how an aging body reacts.

The first couple of days, SkiZer was feeling very sore. But after a few days in, SkiZer’s legs were coming around and he was feeling a much better slope rhythm.

Which can only mean one thing: SkiZer needs more slope days!

Willy Bartlett shreds at Silver Mountain.


Steep turns at Lookout Pass.
SkiZer turns on the backside at Mt. Spokane.
SkiZer on the Nordic trails at Mount Spokane State Park.

Day 10: Mount Spokane Nordic

  • Distance skied: 28k
  • Distance for the year: 57K

Day 11: Mt. Spokane Alpine

  • Vertical: 18,000 feet
  • Vertical for the season: 131,000 feet

Day 12: Lookout Pass

  • Vertical: 20,000 feet
  • Vertical for the season: 151,000 feet

Day 13: Silver Mountain

  • Vertical: 25,000 feet
  • Vertical for the season: 176,000 feet

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