Remember When Tickets Were $1.50 at Hyak?

Some ski days take you back into the past.

That was the case recently when SkiZer climbed the old ski area we used to call Hyak. It’s now part of the Summit at Snoqualmie complex about an hour’s drive from Seattle on I-90, known today as Summit East. Often during weekdays, it remains closed, so it’s a perfect quick fix for a workout climb.

The skiing was just OK. But the trudge up the hill sparked some memories from SkiZer’s childhood when he spent many a night doing some cheap skiing on the same slopes.

Back in SkiZer’s long-ago childhood, Hyak had some bargain prices. Seattle’s old Ernst Hardware stores had Hyak coupons for $1.50, and if you could find a semi-responsible cousin to drive you, it was an amazingly fun night.

There were some memorable times. During one stormy night, lightning hit the chairlift. Nobody seemed too worried — the chairlift kept spinning and the seventh-grade SkiZer happily rode up into the tempest along with everyone else. It was a powder night, afterall.

Here’s to appreciating the old days at ski areas like Hyak, when skiing was for the masses — not just the rich.

Day 7: Hyak Climb

  • Vertical: 2,000
  • Vertical for the season: 60,000
This old photo from 1940s shows the base area of Hyak. (This predates even the ancient SkiZer.)
SkiZer takes off the skins at the top of Hyak.
The destinctive Olympia-beer inspired water tower at Summit East dates back to the Hyak days.
Empty slopes near the top of Summit East.
The view of Summit East hill from the base area.

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