Who Has the Best Rides in Seattle’s Bike Share Battle?

Suddenly, Seattle has 9,000 bike share rides parked everywhere you look around the city.

Ever wonder how well they work?

So did I. Last month, over the course of about 10 days, I tested the bikes offered by Spin, ofo and LimeBike, and came away with a favorite.

Spin, you work the best.

Read my entire story here at Crosscut.com.

Riding the LimeBike near the Seattle waterfront.
A lineup of ofo bikes in front of the Gates Foundation.
Passed by a faster bike on the Elliott Bay Trail. 
The Spin bike at Seattle Center.
LimeBike’s handy phone holder.
And the winner! Spin has the fastest bike.

One thought on “Who Has the Best Rides in Seattle’s Bike Share Battle?

  1. Interesting article – Dallas currently has four bikes share companies battling it out. The three you mention plus V-Bikes. The V-bikes have a fatal flaw – the seats don’t adjust. I’m glad you like Spin – a friend of mine recently went to work for them as a mechanic (though he seems to spend most of his time recovering bikes from homeless encampments.

    Thanks for sharing.

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