With the Clock Ticking, A Quick Run to Rainier

SkiZer usually makes it up to Mount Rainier several times a year.

Not this year. No hikes at Sunrise, one of the SkiZer’s favorite places on Earth. Not Mowich either, which is now closed after tons of snow fell last weekend. The SkiZer gazed longingly at the big mountain, wondering if he’d miss out completely.

Then, after some lovely fall weather returned to Puget Sound, SkiZer decided to go for it.

The road to White River Campground remains open, but will close any day now. SkiZer gunned the engine out of Seattle and two hours later hit the trail for one last quick romp to Glacier Basin.

The hike is a straightforward 6.2 miles roundtrip into a beautiful alpine basin. With temps warming up into the 50s and lots of sun, it was a fantastic day — one last chance to see Mount Rainier’s dramatic northeast side before the roads close for good.

Little Tahoma looms above the lower Glacier Basin trail.
About 18 inches of snow was on the trail at Glacier Basin.
Lunch break overlooking the Inter Fork River at Glacier Basin.
Lots of snow and warm temperatures brought some energy back to the creeks on Mount Rainier.

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