Quick Hiking Fixes from Seattle: Cougar, Squak and Tiger

A lot of hikers in the Seattle area tend to ignore the Issaquah Alps peaks — Tiger, Squak and Cougar mountains.

Until this year, the SkiZer was one of them. He thought, “Too close to the city. Not challenging enough. Boring.” It’s hard to admit, but the SkiZer was wrong.

In recent weeks, SkiZer has summited all three peaks and found things to love about each of them. And that thing about being close to the city is actually quite a benefit: A hiker from Seattle can get to the trailhead within minutes, pound out a great hike, and be finished in a couple of hours.

That kind of access is pretty amazing.

Here’s a look at those big three peaks looming above the city of Issaquah:

The summit of West Tiger No. 3.
Hiking the Section Line Trail on Tiger Mountain.
Near the summit of Cougar Mountain.
Lovely Wilderness Creek on Cougar Mountain.
Climbing “Maggie’s Way” trail on Squak Mountain.

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