Hitting the Day 40 Milestone, and Planning to Go for More

By any measure, it has been an epic ski year.

SkiZer logged Day 40 at Crystal Mountain on April 21. The snowpack remains deep — we should be able to climb volcanoes all summer to push the ski-day numbers even higher.

SkiZer set some ski goals last summer, and those have been shattered. On Day 40, SkiZer climbed into the Southback for several laps at Crystal, surpassing the 700,000-vertical-feet mark for the season. Who knows where he’ll end up — it will be fun to find out.

Day 40: Crystal Mountain

  • Vertical: 25,000
  • Vertical for the year: 702,000
Heading toward the top of Silver King.
A skier climbs on the ridge toward the top of Silver King.
A skier drops in on Sasquatch Chute on Silver King.
SkiZer takes a break in the Southback at Crystal.
Skiers drop off Silver King in the Southback at Crystal Mountain.

Still Time to Turn at My Own Private Ski Area

Something about climbing at a closed ski area is particularly appealing to the SkiZer.

Day 37 of the season was quick climb-and-ski at Summit East, also known as Hyak. SkiZer was on his way to Spokane for an NCAA Championship viewing party with friends (Go Zags!) and Summit East pulled him in.

What’s it like? Nobody is around, and it feels like you own the place. It’s a ghost town, and you’re the mayor.

SkiZer clipped in and 45 minutes later, he stood on top during a gorgeous spring day. With an inch of new snow, it was just enough to make the descent soft and fun.

Day 37: Summit East

  • Vertical: 3,000
  • Vertical for the year: 625,000
A skier follows in SkiZer’s tracks at Summit East.
SkiZer with the trademark Summit East water tower.
Skins and skis on the way up.
A view of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness from the top of Summit East.