After a Great Year, Time to Buy the Next Season Pass

Should you buy a season pass? SkiZer always asks himself this question.

It’s a tough one: Season passes are by far the most economical way to get your ski days in. On the down side, the pass ties you to one ski area.

And then there’s the gamble. Will next year be worth a pass? SkiZer has lived through some lousy seasons where the pass wasn’t worth it.

But this time, it seems like buying the pass is a no-brainer. As a great season slowly ends, passes for next year are on sale and SkiZer decided to pony up at Crystal Mountain. Bonus: the pass is good for the rest of this stellar season, which continues for another month.

After scoring as many end-of-season days as possible this year, SkiZer will maximize the value next year. That’s the plan anyway.

As for Day 1 of the season pass: It was excellent. About 10 inches of new snow had fallen. It was a bit warm and wet — hey it’s spring, after all — but nothing the K2 Pinnacle 105s couldn’t handle. Fresh turns were found on Northway and about midway through the day, the Southback opened, offering more freshies.

Time to make that pass start paying.

Day 36: Crystal Mountain

  • Vertical: 30,000
  • Vertical for the year: 622,000
Skiers turn at the top of High Campbell at Crystal Mountain.
A snowboarder rides Chair 6.
K2 Pinnacle 105s handle the heavy snow with ease.
Hiking to the Southback at Crystal Mountain.

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