We Can Dream: A Powder Day Without Dudes

SkiZer had women on his mind on day 34 of the season.

It was International Women’s Day, and SkiZer found himself on the slopes of Crystal Mountain around a bunch of men. Dudes, really.

But that didn’t stop some interesting thoughts. Such as, why on a powder day, are dudes such assholes?

First of all, the day was incredible. It was probably the best powder day of the year, with a cold storm dropping eight inches, and it dumped another five during the day. That’s over a foot, my friends, on top of two feet that have fallen in recent days.

Soft? Yes, incredibly so, with every turn feeling effortless. SkiZer never took a break, skied uncut lines for most of the day and scored his biggest vertical of the season (40,000 feet).

Back to Women’s Day.

Powder days are dude-fests, there’s no getting around it. The lineup in the morning for first chairlift ride was a testosterone-filled sh*t show. Maybe one or two women were in line with the 80 or so dudes waiting, but SkiZer never saw them.

So when you find yourself in the company of men, you’re bound to see bad behavior. Line-cutters. Stupid braggarts. More stupid braggarts. Aggressive shoving.

Now, if this was a lineup of women who were waiting on a powder day, you’d see none of these bad social characteristics. There would be no line-cutters. Instead of braggarts, you’d see conversationalists. Instead of aggressive shoving, you’d see polite, “After yous.”

Wouldn’t it be nice.

Day 34: Crystal Mountain

  • Vertical: 40,000
  • Vertical for the year: 592,000
It’s a Dude-fest waiting for the opening of an epic powder day at Crystal
First run: Hitting it hard.
Powder run in Avalanche Basin.




5 thoughts on “We Can Dream: A Powder Day Without Dudes

  1. Hey Johnny, I have enjoyed reading your posts! Just went to Whitefish ,Montana on a 4 day Ski trip, with my long time 5 other friends. This was our 25th year of our 4 day ski trip . But on Saturday the last day of skiing I had a big crash and have a concussion. They said I got up after the crash and put my skies on and skied down but I don’t remember it or about 9 hours of Saturday at all— a little scary. I am home now and doing ok. Neck and knee is soar, and I can’t fly until next week. I was supposed to leave today on a trip to Brazil. My skiing is over this year, but I had a great time until the “Fall” that I may never remember. Bless you Cousin Jeff Nelson


    1. Sorry to hear about the concussion. That sucks! I had a very similar experience at Alpental a few years back. Crashed, got up, skied down, actually took the chairlift back up and then eventually realized something was very wrong and went home. Wearing the helmet since that crash.
      I love Whitefish Mountain. That place has some great terrain and it’s only getting better next year with a new chairlift.
      Good luck in your recovery and I hope you feel better. Love — Johnny


  2. I went to Silver Fir at Summit Central today with my good friend, Sherri. We are women in our 50’s! Had a great day skiing in the powder. There we’re “dudes” but all fairly chill. I would say we are the kindest in the line. Love your blog skizer. This is cous, Suzy.


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