When You’re Feeling Blue, Go for Big Vertical

It was quiet — a little too quiet — on the slopes of Crystal Mountain.

Crystal had five inches of new snow, on top of seven the day before, and it was dumping for much of the day. Temps were cold, and the skiing was fantastic.

Yet nobody was there, and the vibe at the resort was that the end is near. The SkiZer couldn’t help feeling a little melancholy, thinking it’s almost over.

The best cure for that is to ski hard. SkiZer went for vertical, racking up 36,000 feet. Every run was good, with untracked turns aplenty on Rainier Express, Northway and High Campbell. Best turns of the day were found on Campbell, where the snow was cold, and the sun peeked out from time to time.

Day 33: Crystal Mountain

  • Vertical: 36,000
  • Vertical for the year: 552,000
SkiZer riding the High Campbell lift.
A skier turns near the top of High Campbell.
Skiers traverse past Snorting Elk Bowl at Crystal Mountain.

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