True-Blue (Mountain) Powder in Washington Wine Country

The day was going well at Bluewood, a small-but-awesome resort about an hour’s drive from Walla Walla.

About 10 inches of snow had fallen in the Blue Mountains two days previous. The sun was shining, it was about 25 degrees, and there were some very nice turns to be found in the trees. All was good.

But then it got great. The ski patrol opened an area known as Vintner’s Ridge, a 15-minute side-country hike. SkiZer got lucky and did the hike with Jacob Mitchell, director of the Bluewood Ski Patrol, just as he was opening the terrain.

Mitchell graciously showed the way and ended up giving SkiZer a full tour of the ridge. The insider knowledge helped immensely, and SkiZer returned for four more laps on the ridge.

Each run was fantastic, with untracked lines everywhere. Score!

Day 31: Bluewood

  • Vertical: 21,000
  • Vertical for the year: 485,000
Jacob Mitchell skis fresh snow off of Vintner’s Ridge at Bluewood.
Sunny skies and soft groomers.
A boarder drops in on Vintner’s Ridge.

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