Big White Shines Bright on a Clear Day

A snowboarder rides a soft groomer on the upper slopes at Big White.

You have to love a bluebird day, especially at Big White Ski Resort in British Columbia.

Often, the rolling terrain of this mountain is socked in, either with storms or fog. But on a cold, clear day, it’s positively gorgeous. Snowghosts dot the landscape of the upper slopes, giving it an otherworldly feeling.

The SkiZer continued his tour of the Okanagan with a stop at this resort near the booming city of Kelowna. Big White is one of the big dogs among ski areas in this region, and you have to love the great grooming and vibrant village scene.

For the SkiZer, some excellent turns were found amid the snowghosts, particularly in Powder Bowl. And for steeps, Big White has an excellent set of double-diamond drops in an area known as The Cliff. A bit scary at times, but in a good way.

Day 7: Big White Ski Resort

  • Vertical for the day: 26,000
  • Vertical for the year: 102,000
The Alpine T-Bar serves the upper slopes of Big White Ski Resort.
The sun peaks through the trees on The Cliff at Big White.
Snowghosts dot the upper slopes of Big White.
Carlan Silha turns on Whitefoot Trail near the summit of Big White.

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