Apex Delivers a Great Day of Steeps and Powder

First run at the top of Apex Mount Resort in British Columbia.

It’s still early season, but Apex Mountain Resort in British Columbia is skiing very well.

The day started cold — it was minus 4 Fahrenheit when the SkiZer arrived at the lifts, but it was sunny at least. After a couple of excellent early runs, I quickly warmed up and forgot about the cold temps.

Apex is a skier’s mountain. It has excellent grooming and some very fast and fun advanced-intermediate runs. But it really stands out with its steep terrain.

Even though it was five days since the last snowfall, the cold temperatures and light crowds left plenty of fresh lines available off piste. Best day of the year, by far.

Day 6: Apex Mountain Resort

  • Vertical for the day: 30,000
  • Vertical for the year: 76,000
James Shalman turns in broken snow on The Pit at Apex Mountain Resort.
Nikki Morris cranks a turn on the double-diamond Make My Day run.
A Japanese freestyle skier practices on Apex Mountain Resort’s mogul course.

One thought on “Apex Delivers a Great Day of Steeps and Powder

  1. Skizer- Next time you are in this neck of the woods come across 97 to Mt Baldy! We are back under new ownership and if you think Apex is great Baldy is of the charts! See and talk to Snowy Joey or anyone here will be glad to show you around to all the secret spots. But wait the whole place is a secret especially for seniors!


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