Blue Skies, Cold Snow: What’s Not to Like?

The Nordic trails at Mt. Bachelor are primo with fresh snow.

The day started at zero degrees Fahrenheit on the Nordic trails at Mt. Bachelor.

Skate-skiing was cold and a little slow, but you have to love a sunny day in December. The SkiZer went after it with gusto and finished a loop called Woody’s Way in fairly short order.

SkiZer stops in for skate and classic skiing.

After a warm-up with excellent coffee at the Mt. Bachelor Nordic Center lodge, he was back at it with a tour around Dutchman Flat and then another loop on Woody’s Way, this time on classic skis.

Mt. Bachelor has some of the best Nordic skiing in the Pacific Northwest, with a season that lasts from November to May. After back-to-back days on the downhill boards, it felt nice to exercise the Nordic muscles in a perfect setting.

Day 5: Mt. Bachelor Nordic

  • Distance skied: 18K
  • Distance for the year: 30K
Skiers hit Woody’s Way on Mt. Bachelor.
A skate-skier on the groomed trails of Dutchman Flat at Mt. Bachelor.

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