It’s a Powder-Day Payback on Return to Mt. Hood

The SkiZer had some unfinished business with Mount Hood.

Last year, SkiZer and Cousin Tom spent a very substandard day at Mt. Hood Meadows. It rained all day and most of the mountain was closed.

This time, things were much improved. The SkiZer arrived at the base of Meadows with 20 inches new over the previous 48 hours,

SkiZer weathers the storm.

temperatures in the low 20s, and snow dumping. About 8 inches fell during the day.

Conditions just kept getting better. Everything off the Mt. Hood Express and Shooting Star lifts was incredibly soft, and as the storm picked up, untracked lines were refilled all day long.

Meadows is an interesting place. The terrain on the east flank of Mount Hood is all ridges and canyons falling down the side of the mountain. For a major ski area, it feels wild and untamed.

The blizzard made it feel even wilder, in the best possible way.

Day 3: Mt. Hood Meadows

  • Vertical for the day: 21,500
  • Vertical for the year: 26,000
Fresh turns in soft snow at Mt. Hood Meadows.
Skiers on the Powder Keg run at Mt. Hood Meadows.
Skiers shred the fresh snow on the Mt. Hood Express lift.
Skiers turn in the soft snow on the Shooting Star lift.

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