What Are Your Ski Goals This Year?

It was on a powder day long ago that my friend, Steve Campbell, coined the memorable words the SkiZer has never forgotten.

Steve had just come down a pristine, thigh-deep run at Powderhorn, a small ski area in Western Colorado. With a sly smile and a wry Texas accent, he drawled, “That was better than sex — better than drugs.”

Steve Campbell

Steve died of cancer this summer. We skied together in the 1980s, when we worked at a newspaper in Grand Junction, Colo. His tragic death — he leaves behind a wife and child —  has me thinking about the reason I keep pushing for great moments on the slopes.

Maybe it’s because the mountains are where I feel the most fully alive, and Steve’s death is a reminder to make the most of my remaining days.

R.I.P. my friend. With you in mind, here are my ski goals for this year.

Every year before the season starts, I come up with the number of days I hope to ski and how much vertical I hope to rack up. Then I set out to reach my goals during the year.

Last year, the SkiZer goals of 25 ski days and 500,000 feet of vertical were satisfied in mid-March. The season eventually ended in May with 587,000 feet of vertical.

In the Pacific Northwest, skiers have hopes the coming season will be fantastic. Long-term weather forecasts call for above-average snowfall in the Washington Cascades and Northern Rockies, so I think it’s a year to push the numbers a bit.

This year, I’m going for at least 30 days, and at least 600,000 feet of vertical.

SkiZer goals set. And what are your goals for this year?

The 23-year-old version of SkiZer shredding the slopes at Powderhorn in Western Colorado.





2 thoughts on “What Are Your Ski Goals This Year?

  1. great post…this is what I would have left if that darn website you used wasnt so difficult to post to…it just would not let me post w/o a load of passwords…frustrating….. 2500 feet in the ski Dubai mall! btw…What a great shot…perfect pow day! Enjoyed the article about Steve, now I know where the term comes from. Another year of amazing ski posts to look forward to !

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