Slaying a Volcano on a Warm Spring Day

  • Day 29 – April 19, 2016
  • Muir Snowfield, Mount Rainier
  • Vertical for the day: 9,000
  • Year total: 581,000

A ski acquaintance likes to say this time of year is for “slaying volcanoes.”

With 90-degree heat in Seattle, the SkiZer headed to the high-alpine air of Mount Rainier and unsheathed his AT skies for an exceptional volcano-slaying adventure.

Starting at the Paradise parking lot at 9:30 a.m., SkiZer strapped on the skins and made it to Anvil Rock at 9,000 feet three hours later. It was gorgeous, with 50-degree temps, just right for a comfortable lunch break watching rockfall off the Northwest’s most impressive peak.

The ski down was a treat. Muir Snowfield is low-angle and expansive. It feels like the world’s widest intermediate run. Turn after turn carved nicely in the soft spring snow.

Rainier down. Who’s the SkiZer’s next volcano victim?

Lunch break at 9,000 feet.
Skiers head up the slopes of Mount Rainier.

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