Kickin’ it Old School for an Epic Day

Day 27: March 25, 2016

SkiZer hikes Grubstake for a run down Snorting Elk at Crystal Mountain.

There was a time when the SkiZer went for broke on ski days. There was no stopping for lunch in an effort to push for maximum vertical.

In recent years, SkiZer has made some concessions to age. He’s almost 60, for god’s sake. Short stops for coffee and food are now deemed acceptable.

But Day 27 was a throwback: No stops. The result was the SkiZer’s biggest daily vertical total of the season on another excellent March powder day at Crystal Mountain.

With 10 inches new over the last two days and cold temps, conditions couldn’t have been better. And as the season winds down, the SkiZer wanted to squeeze the most out of the day.

Best shots were off the Northway chair (where everything was amazingly soft) and in the South Backcountry, where SkiZer hiked for a memorable drop down Sasquatch Chute.

Steep and deep: Preparing to drop into Sasquatch Chute.
Skiers climb into the South Backcountry at Crystal Mountain.



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