Meeting and Exceeding Your Ski Goals

SkiZer shreds off the Forest Queen chairlift at Crystal Mountain.

Day 26: March 17, 2016

At the start of the season, SkiZer set some goals: Ski at least 500,000 vertical feet, log at least 25 days.

SkiZer has reached fulfillment day, in corporate-speak. It’s all gravy now.

Recent storms left the slopes at Crystal Mountain fast and soft. SkiZer and a friend, Kari Collins, spent the morning skiing groomers. After a sunny lunch at the lodge, SkiZer hit it hard in Campbell Basin and on the day’s best run, Northway Peak.

As the afternoon sun cast long shadows on the chalky Northway slopes, SkiZer had to ask himself: Will this be the last day here? After all, goals have been met and this season is a huge success.

But let’s hope not — why not go for 30 days?

Kari on Queens Run at Crystal Mountain.
SkiZer peers down the chutes on Northway Peak, the day’s best run.

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