Foggy, Wet and Fast on Mt. Hood

Base area of Mt. Hood Meadows.

Day 23: March 11, 2016

The day looked promising when we rolled into the parking lot at Mt. Hood Meadows. New snow, a new mountain to explore.

Soon, any great expectations for Day 23 of the SkiZer season were forgotten.

The falling snow turned to rain. A dense fog hung over the slopes, closing all but a handful of chairlifts. Off-piste was beyond funky, leaving only a few groomed runs to ski.

The SkiZer and his cousin, Tom Olason, gamely tried to make the best of it. But after a few runs, it was clear the day was a washout, prompting us to hit the whiskey flask early. The liquid fire warmed up an otherwise dreary day.

Our biggest problem was the fog. Not really knowing where we were going, or which chairlifts were open, we spent a lot of time trying to navigate in the abyss.

At a certain point, the day turned into what the SkiZer called “a naked grab for vertical.” We settled for skiing a few fast groomers over and over to simply log some runs. After hitting 21,000 vertical, we called it.

Mt. Hood Meadows is probably very nice. It’s hard to know based on this day.

A wet groomer for the SkiZer at Mt. Hood Meadows.
Tom Olason hits the foggy slopes off the Hood River Express.
Happy trails: SkiZer and Tom call it an early day.

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