Finding Fresh Lines in a Southback Sojourn

Just below the summit of  the King (7,012′) in the Crystal backcountry.

Days 21 & 22: March 7-8, 2016

Hitting it hard.

That was the goal for days 21 and 22 at  Crystal. As the winter days dwindle, the SkiZer is feeling some urgency to rack up as much vertical as possible before it’s all over.

Conditions couldn’t have been better. Temps were cold, the powder was fresh and the crowds were gone.

SkiZer on “The Beach” in Silver Basin.

In-bounds skiing was good, particularly on the north-facing aspects, but conditions were even better in the South Backcountry (Southback), accessible by hiking. SkiZer spent much of both days taking some thrilling drops off of the Throne (6,600′), the King (7012′) and Silver Basin.

The Southback terrain is wild and gorgeous. The hikes can feel a little draining, but the runs more than paid off with the season’s best powder shots.

And it’s not over yet.

Hikers, including a Crystal Mountain patroler, on top of the Throne.
A hiker heads up the King.
Skiers drop off the cornice into the powder of Silver Basin.
Dropping into one of the Throne chutes above Chair 6.

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