Like a Lion on the Slopes of Stevens Pass

Cowboy Mountain and the slopes of Stevens Pass.

Day 21: March 2, 2016

  • Stevens Pass
  • Vertical for the day: 20,000
  • Year total: 343,000

Spring may be teasing us, but it’s still winter in the mountains. And day 20 of the SkiZer season brought a 10-inch dump to the slopes of Stevens Pass.

It was not all pretty powder turns and face shots. The snow was dense and heavy, making for some leg-burning runs.

Skiers take a morning cruise on Hog Heaven at Stevens Pass.

“This is work!” another old-timer said to the SkiZer at the base area of Stevens Pass. He was calling it a day by noon. True, it was work, but it was still skiing, which is better than being in an office even on a great day.

Unleash the hounds!

But … back to the beginning. The powderhounds were in line, barking for the lifts to open as the SkiZer arrived 10 minutes before opening. Avalanche-bomb explosions were echoing off Cowboy Mountain, adding to the anticipation.

Finally, the gates opened and the hounds hit it. The best shots were off of the Double Diamond chairlift on Big Chief Mountain where the snow remained cold in the north-facing shadows.

Click on maps to enlarge.

The sun came out in midmorning, drawing the SkiZer onto the south-facing slopes of Mill Valley. The top was dense — but fun — the bottom was an epic slog in the sun-saturated snow.

After an excellent coffee break (you rule, T-Bar Market barista!) the SkiZer hit the upper slopes of Seventh Heaven. Freshies were discovered on the SkiZer’s old nemesis, Bobby Chute, and Cloud Nine.

By 1:30 p.m., the next system was moving in and the legs were shot. It was back to Seattle for a bath and whiskey-themed therapy.

Top of Polaris Bowl on the Mill Valley side of Stevens Pass.

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