This ‘Norse God’ Comes Back to Earth

SkiZer readies
Easy access: After a quick drive from Seattle, SkiZer hits Cabin Creek.

Day 14: Jan. 25, 2016

  • Cabin Creek Sno-Park
  • Kilometers skied: 20K
  • Season total: 108K

It’s not often that you feel like you can ski forever.

With icy conditions at Cabin Creek Sno-Park on Day 14 of the SkiZer season, it felt like that. Horrible conditions for alpine skiing, but great for skate-skiing.

I hit the trails by 8:30 a.m. Only one other car was in the lot when I arrived. It had been warm the previous day, then it froze overnight, leaving the trail ice-rink firm.

I skied “The Road” — a 4.6K flat trail — in a record sprint. Every pole plant translated into power, every skate movement into speed. I hit the Viking trail and proceeded to burn up the rolling 6.2K loop, then charged onto the 2.2K Berg trail. It was all too easy.

What next? After a brief water and food break, I decided to hit the Viking trail again. I roared around the trail and passed a couple of other skaters.

“Isn’t this great!” I said. They agreed. My skill was incredible, I thought as I rounded the next bend. I’m a Norse god!

Then I lost my balance and proceeded to fall on my egotistical ass.

I hauled my bruised butt back onto my skis and came back to earth. I managed to skate out the rest of my day with a little more humility.

Overall view
View from the Viking trail of the meadow and surrounding mountains.
Skiers prepare to hit the trails at Cabin Creek.

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