Skating into a New Year at Cabin Creek


New Year's Skate
Skate skiing at Cabin Creek.

Day 7: Dec. 31, 2015

  • Cabin Creek Sno-Park
  •  Kilometers skied: 25K
  • Season total: 45K

I’ve always been underwhelmed with Cabin Creek. Too many people, not enough trails. Add to that questionable snow quality because of the low elevation and you have a recipe for mediocre skiing most of the time.

This time was very different.

Nordic Cabin Creek signPlenty of snow, cold temperatures and fairly open trails made for a great day.

The thing Cabin Creek has going for it is accessibility — you’re just an hour away from Seattle via I-90. It makes for an easy half-day trip.

Best of the day was the Viking Trail. After skiing most of the lower trail system, I headed up Mount Amabilis, a killer for any skate skier. I got about halfway up and called it.

Unfinished business — the summit would wait for another day.


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