Powder Feeding Frenzy at Crystal

First tracks on Exterminator.

Day 6: Dec. 23, 2015

It just keeps dumping.

Ten inches new, five more during the day. More than four feet of snow has fallen over the previous three days, so it’s soft and deep.

That said, there are challenges that make this a bit of a difficult day.

For starters, it’s a Ski Dude powder feeding frenzy during this holiday week. Even though it’s a Wednesday, the powder pigs are out in force trying to get some.

I missed opening, waiting in a long ticket line, so I needed to figure out a strategy to find the deep stuff. I took two quick runs down Memorial and even though it was tracked, there were plenty of in-between  shots of fresh snow.

From there, I decided to take the leap on Exterminator, which hadn’t been hit too hard. It was phenomenal, deep, and a little scary, which is what makes Exterminator what it is. I took the far left line, skiing in the trees amid sloughing snow on the steep slopes.

Mid-run breather on Exterminator.

From there, I went back to the top and hit Westface, which was the run of the day.

Storm winds had dumped waist-deep snow on Westface. Every turn was a face shot as I  found freshies amid the steeps down to Green Valley.

The rest of the day was spent trying to avoid crowds and find untracked lines. Chair 6 opened late and attracted the usual testosterone-rich crowd of powderhounds. The line was ridiculous, so I hit Powder Bowl for an early run, then headed back to Rex for more runs down Right Angle, Exterminator and Westface.

Northway never opened — I think there was just too much snow to deal with.

The crowds packed it in fairly early, so some exceptional late laps on Chair 6 finished the day.

All in all, a very good day, but adopting a crowd strategy was key.



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