Day 3: Spokane skate-away

On the trails again.

Dec. 17, 2015

Mount Spokane

Kilometers skied: 20K

First day on the skate skis. It’s difficult, frustrating and ultimately really fun.

I’ve returned to Spokane to hit some of the best trails in the state. Most west-siders don’t know about Mount Spokane, but I’ve made it a point to come back every winter.

I pull up to about three inches new. A recent windstorm has knocked down trees all over Spokane, and crews are still clearing trees from the trails. Consequently, grooming is just OK, and terrain is limited.

That’s OK. As I slog through the new snow, I’m generally alone. Most people are skiing classic, which is quite good. The occasional fellow skater comes along. As I climb Alpine, a tough hill past the first trail junction, my heart is pounding, my breath is ragged. This is tough.

I power out toward Shadow Mountain and eventually start feeling the rhythm. As I head down Moose Meadows and back to the Nordic lodge, my stroke becomes more fluid and effortless.

It’s good to be back!




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